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What’s the one floral question that we hear from almost every single Cabo bride? The #1 question is always, “Can you get __________ in Cabo?” Fill in the blank with the flower of your choice! As floral designers, we love every beautiful, unique flower out there. But it is important to know what flowers you can and can’t get in Cabo so that you can keep your planning realistic and on-target.

The main thing you need to know about flowers in Cabo is that there are no flowers grown commercially on our beautiful, but small (relatively) peninsula. We import all of our flowers from mainland Mexico, where they are flown to us via airplane. (We actually pick them up at the same airport that you will arrive at when you come into town.) They remain refrigerated until we deliver them to your event.

The other thing to remember is that Cabo is a very warm destination for many months out of the year. It’s the main thing that everybody loves about Cabo! But it also can affect your flowers. You need flowers that can tolerate our temperatures. Our floral designers are experts at assessing the date of your event and then making sure the flowers you choose will work with that date.

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Bride with Bouquet Boho The Main Event Florals

So, what are your flower options? Your main choices (again, depending on the season) will be as follows: roses, baby roses, cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, calla lilies, mini calla lilies, lilies, daisies, Gerber daisies, Birds of Paradise, hydrangeas, ranunculuas, tulips, succulents, baby’s breath, stephanotis, and gardenias. These are the most popular flowers that we offer. You will notice that we have not included a bridal favorite, which is the peony. The truth is we can (sometimes) get the flower in Cabo, so we have to check that flower on a case by case basis. Similar flowers are our tulips and our hydrangea. Both of these are imported from Europe and so are again sometime difficult to get and/or may not work with our weather. We realize how much brides love these flowers, though, and we will always work with you to get the exact flowers that you love and cherish. A note to remember: you can not bring flowers to or from Cabo from the U.S.

The bottom line is we feel proud of the gorgeous and varied flowers that we can offer in our little pueblo surrounded by the sea! Now…just wait until you see what we can do with these gorgeous flowers! You’ll be thrilled!


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Vintage (adjective): pleasantly reminiscent of an earlier time. Some other similar words might be: retro, old-world, antique or quaint. All sound cool to us at The Main Event Cabo. We love vintage anything!

Vintage is one of the trends in the event industry and mostly in weddings. It’s a way to meld old-school and new-school into one fabulous event. Mix and match with modern elements to create an eye-catching design for your event decor.

While many of us have incorporated vintage elements into our homes, we may not be too sure on how to make it work for your event. The truth is that vintage furniture and decor works anywhere in any event, wedding or banquet. If planning a wedding use it as part of your ceremony set-up. Who said all the chairs at your ceremony have to match? Be new? How about including a vintage settee here or there? Or including a vintage table as your ceremony table for the minister?

Antique Ceremony Altar The Main Event Cabo

For your cocktail hour, think about including vintage tables (either for the actual cocktail tables or even as part of your bar) and vintage elements as part of your table decor. How about a vintage barrel or metal bin holding your Coronas on ice? Or champagne bottles? Use vintage elements for your escort card table as well.

For your dinner, our vintage wooden tables with rustic lace runners are stunning decor items, plus they help your guests feel comfy, relaxed and chatty. Then surround your dance floor with vintage lounge furniture, and your reception will be one for the history books!

One last thing to remember about going vintage at your wedding…the photographs will be gorgeous! There’s just something about vintage decor that brings out the sweetness and romanticism of a couple! You want rustic for your wedding? The Main Event Cabo has got it or will find it!


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The Beach & The Details


Being right on the beach, it only makes sense that many of our weddings have a beach theme. But a nautical theme, which also goes so well with our oceanside destination, is so fun as well! Tapping into blue and white stripes, we at The Main Event Cabo fell in love with this wedding set-up. Sometimes it is something as simple as that – blue and white stripes – which helps to create a vision.

Our couple, Amber and Sam, also loved wicker and starfish. With our wicker chargers, we could add that design element, and it fit flawlessly with the white table and white beach chairs. No heavy linen was needed, and the runner in navy provided the perfect contrast to the smooth white tables. The white lanterns, which are actually practical and added a warm glow throughout the evening, were a perfect fit for the nautical table. And then, notice the same blue and white ribbon stripe being carried out on the napkin. If you want a specialized detail like this, just ask! We specialize in personalizing your event to YOU! You want something special and we don’t have it? Ask and we’ll see if we can have it made for you. That’s what we did with these napkins, and they were such a cute detail!



Another thing to remember as you are planning your decor design is where exactly this decor will be set-up. This reception was set up on the actual sand, and so this decor made sense. It was nautical in a ballroom…it was nautical on the beach, with crashing waves within view. A perfect fit!